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I just love this. Like if you love it too. :) Also thank you to all my wonderful followers! Love ya’ll!!

pretty much guys!! :)

I love this man!
It’s at 2 am when she’s reaching’ over
Faded T-shirt hanging off her shoulder
Dressed up, hair down, in a ball cap
Yep Yep, as long as I get that
Sweet little something late night kiss
On a plane or a train or way back in the sticks
I swear, if she’s there, that’s where
Yep yep, that’s where it’s at Dustin Lynch - Where It’s At (via smokefollowsbeautybaby)

(via princessofdixie)

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I Got a Car - George Strait

With a gun in a hand and a promise in the other.
[Morning Afterglow]

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